Monday, September 21, 2009

I realize I am destroying the flow of McKell's lovely blog. but at the same time, I don't really care. you see, I'm kinda bored with my homework, so I thought I'd come talk to kell for a second, and then take a shower, when lo and behold, here she was spiffing up this masterpiece! I was naturally jealous that she would be getting so much attention once it was done, so I thought I'd put in my little tid bit of worthless information, since I'm generally full of it. I'm also wearing a blue mouth guard. it fits my teeth very nicely. others are at a pudding dance, which I considered attending, until I realized I would most likely end up with pudding in my hair and underwear . . . I wasn't down with that. or maybe I was, but I knew I needed to shower and finish my homework. and apparently destroy kell's masterpiece. she's been working on this for hours. she's stopped sleeping, eating, and occasionally breathing! I know. it's sickening. I won't even go into any details regarding her bathroom situation . . . yes, she's sacrificing a lot. so if you don't appreciate this now, you better start soon before she hunts you down.
enjoy your life :) and this blog. but that last part goes without saying.
love always
a roommate

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