Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Here is just a glimpse of The Best Day Ever! I love you Nate! Thanks for being so thoughtful. Snickers even dressed up in his tux for the big day :) It was so fun to have both of our families there afterwords. His sisters are darling and made it so memorable.

The best Christmas Present Ever...

I'm engaged!! Nate proposed Christmas day, it was the most wonderful day. On Christmas eve he gave me my Christmas present and told me I couldn't open it with him and I had to open it last of all my presents. I was very curious why I had so many stipulations for my present but I was excited to see what it could be. I woke up Christmas morning and tried not to hurry through my Christmas too much but I couldn't help it. I got to his present and opened it. Inside was a journal, 2 pieces to a puzzle, and 2 cute scarves. I read the first page of the journal which explained what I was about to begin. He informed me I was about to begin a scavenger hunt he had created for all over alpine. I was to go to all of these places that we had been together and made memories at. The clues were all written on the back of the puzzle pieces and they were all written to "Let it Snow" it was adorable. I went to all the stops and had new clues at each place. The journal had his memories of that place with me and I was to do the same on the next page. After about 7 clues I made it to what I thought was going to be the last one. Fire Road. This is where he first kissed me and where we have gone ever since to talk or just be together. It's a secluded road at the top of alpine where you can look out and see the whole valley and the stars are awesome at night. Anyway I get there and there is a bigger present at this stop than the last few stops. I opened it up and inside was a pair of earrings the rest of the puzzle pieces and and a note that said this is the end! Merry Christmas come over!
I was a little disappointed.. haha It was all darling but I was expecting something more like a ring at the end :). So I started driving to his house non the less excited to see him. I got to his neighbors house and got pulled over.... I wanted to cry, I was in a rental car, I didn't have my license, and it was Christmas Day! I rolled down my window and stuck my head all the way out to look at who exactly would be mean enough to do this on Christmas... only to find out it was Nate's Dad. I just started laughing. He walked to my car and said "I won't need your registration, but here are your last 2 pieces of the puzzle."
The last 2 pieces told me to go back to Fire Road. I was so excited at this point. As I turned the corner I saw Nate standing in the middle of the road in a suit and tie, ring box in hand. I got out of my car, already in tears and gave him a big hug. he knelt down and asked me to marry him :). After that I looked over and he had his tent trailer all set up. It was decked out inside (thanks to his sisters and mom) It looked amazing, I had roses, sparkling cider, Christmas decorations, blankets, a heater, even a generator to power the cute lights. We sat down and finished putting my puzzle together he read me a note he had written while he waited for me and watched a slide show of us. We made a toast with the sparkling cider and just enjoyed the moment together. It was perfect. Later that day both of our families came up to see everything and we took lots of pictures. It was the best Christmas ever and I love him so much! I can't wait to spend the rest of forever with him :)

Monday, September 27, 2010

The Cabin

Happy Birthday Crew!

I LOVE HEATHER! I was so glad she came with us it was so fun to have her there. She is the best ever.

Shootin skeet

We were making breakfast and Nate got flower all over my face...

So we continue to play even though school/work has taken over all of our lives. For Nate's birthday we went up to his Cabin with his friends. We had a lot of fun. UVU had already started so I was in school but BYU didn't start until the following Monday after his birthday. We went up Friday night and stayed til Saturday afternoon. we sure had fun!

I made Nate's Birthday Cake :) and we played body body body for a good two hours! SO SCARY in his cabin haha, everyone was afraid for their lives.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Ice Blocking and Up the Canyon

Racin... we won~!

This was my first time Ice blocking.. I hadn't ever been before but it was a lot of fun and we had a fun group of people. Afterwords we went to Nate's and had Root Beer Floats be cause Nate got accepted to the Business Program :)! YAY!

Ice Blocking!

We went upt he canyon for zach's 15th birthday. we had fun with the dogs. Lance skipped a rock all the way across the lake and almost hit some fisherman haha it was the highlight of the day... even though we did feel kinda bad.

After we went bowling.. we went back to Whit and Dals and had dessert and just talked for a while. Then Whit and I cut Nate and Collins hair... ha. I was a little nervous not gonna lie, but Whit helped me and I thought it looked good. :)

I love being with them, especially having Whit and Dal there.
We all went Bowling while all the friends were in town for the summer.

We went Camping at the Ranch with my family and Nate came :) We just spent the day there. and Went to church at the little church just below our Ranch. It was a lot of fun and I loved having Nate with us. We went on four wheeler rides, horse rides, and a hike. I love having Whit and Dal with us all the time too. They are the best and I am so glad they live so close.


Lance trying to be taller..

Sunday! This was such a beautiful day. There was a huge storm that we got caught in on our Sunday walk hah. But afterwords it was gorgeous. The boys and Whit played dunk ball and Mom and I watched :) I love Alpine. I feel so blessed to live there.

This was our Last Date with Ryan and Ty before they left on their missions. We had a blast. We did peach cobbler and had wings. It was so much fun to spend time with them before they took off. They have been such awesome friends. I miss them but they are doing great! Ry just left for Mongolia last week.
The only bad part of the date was when a bird pooped on me and I ended up wearing one of Heather's little sisters jackets... haha

I'm Such a good cook :)

Summer is officailly over... But it's all good. It was one of the best summers of my life! Moving home after a year in Logan was the best, and now being in Provo is such a blessing. Here are some updates from my crazy fun summer!

Becca and I went to the Real Soccer Game and fireworks :) Alicyn Wright had 2 extra tickets for us and we had a lot of fun. It was good to catch up and spend time with her, I love her! I love being here roommate now.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Best Summer Yet!

Havasupai! so much fun.. lots of blisters though

This Summer has seriously been the best. I couldn't be happier to be home and I haven't been stressed about moving far away again. Everything has been so perfect! And I love being home with my family. It was hard to say goodbye to a few close friends who have left on missions recently but 2 years isn't that long I've decided! :)