Monday, September 27, 2010

The Cabin

Happy Birthday Crew!

I LOVE HEATHER! I was so glad she came with us it was so fun to have her there. She is the best ever.

Shootin skeet

We were making breakfast and Nate got flower all over my face...

So we continue to play even though school/work has taken over all of our lives. For Nate's birthday we went up to his Cabin with his friends. We had a lot of fun. UVU had already started so I was in school but BYU didn't start until the following Monday after his birthday. We went up Friday night and stayed til Saturday afternoon. we sure had fun!

I made Nate's Birthday Cake :) and we played body body body for a good two hours! SO SCARY in his cabin haha, everyone was afraid for their lives.

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  1. look how cute you are! looks like such a fun night! love you