Sunday, September 5, 2010

Ice Blocking and Up the Canyon

Racin... we won~!

This was my first time Ice blocking.. I hadn't ever been before but it was a lot of fun and we had a fun group of people. Afterwords we went to Nate's and had Root Beer Floats be cause Nate got accepted to the Business Program :)! YAY!

Ice Blocking!

We went upt he canyon for zach's 15th birthday. we had fun with the dogs. Lance skipped a rock all the way across the lake and almost hit some fisherman haha it was the highlight of the day... even though we did feel kinda bad.

After we went bowling.. we went back to Whit and Dals and had dessert and just talked for a while. Then Whit and I cut Nate and Collins hair... ha. I was a little nervous not gonna lie, but Whit helped me and I thought it looked good. :)

I love being with them, especially having Whit and Dal there.
We all went Bowling while all the friends were in town for the summer.

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