Sunday, September 20, 2009

So a few days after Graduation I left on my three week church history tour! Pretty sure we traveled 6,500 miles in all. The first day of tour was June 2nd. We met at American Fork High School and started our journey there traveling 460 miles that day to Cheyenne, Wyoming... it was a long day and I stayed awake the whole time! (I can't say that later in the trip) June 3rd we made it to Omaha, Nebraska. One of the dullest places I have ever visited. They did have a tiger in their mall however. We stopped at a rest stop and discussed our pioneer ancestry together! My relative Mary Murray Murdoch was actually in our Heritage Tours Manual! Cool to have that relation. June 4rth we made it to Elkhart, Indiana once again just another travel day, but, it was finally a beautiful drive which was great. Friday June 5th We visited the John Johnson Farm today in Kirtland which was a fabulous experience. June 6th we went into Kirtland and visited the temple there. June 7th was Sunday and we were able to attend sacrament meeting in Buffalo, New York afterwards heading to Niagra Falls-beautiful-. June 8th we fasted and our first stop was the Sacred Grove and the Smith Farm. Then we were able to walk around the Palmyra Temple. After that we drove up to the Hill Cummorah. The next day, obviously being June 9th, we drove up Sharon Vermont where the prophet was born. My family was in the van today :) June 10th we went to Poughkeepsie New York basically only to do laundry and sleep I gave out my first pass along card. I was quite excited! June 11th WE WENT TO NEW YORK CITY TODAY! and yes I shopped all day long... :) great day! We went to Mary Poppins as a tour it was interesting to say the least. hah We had a good time! June 12th was possibly one of my favorites, if not my favorite day of our tour. We were able to travel to Scranton, PA to visit the Susquehanna River where the Aaronic Preisthood was restored. I will expound with later pictures. June 13th was Colombus, Ohio mostly a travel day. I saw my first firefly this night, BEAutiful! June 14th another wonderful Sunday we were able to attend another Sacrament service which was fabulous. June 15th we made it to Nauvoo hurray! first we walked down Parleys Street and spent the whole day in Historic Nauvoo. We stayed in Nauvoo for Two days and I was able to do baptisms in the Nauvoo Temple. Afterwards we headed to Carthage Jail. June 16th we were "On the Road AGAIN" and heading to Missouri. We will visit the Temple lot-- the place of the building of the Lord's Temple. Liberty Jail was next which was amazing. We were able to watch the Joseph Smith Movie before entering the jail area. June 18th our destination was Lincoln Nebraska but we visited Far West and Adam-Ondi-Ahman. Stopping again that evening and visiting Winter Quarters and touring the visitors center that night. June 19th and 20th were VERY long days! But, I was able to finish the Book of Mormon in 3 weeks... I was so proud of myself. We made it back to American Fork around 8! So happy to see my mommy and the rest of my family! BEST trip ever. Never learned more! Thanks Dad for allowing me to go couldn't have without your help!

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