Wednesday, September 23, 2009

We were able to spend about an hour of our own individual time in the grove. After we finished our time in the grove, we were able to tour the Smith Farm. So the first house is just a replica of the house in Palmyra. Then we were told that the Smith's move to Manchester, which they did, but it is only 300 yards from their other home. Alvin starting building this home for his parents before he passed away. After we finished our tour we were all just taking pictures and loading the buses. We had everyone.. except we were missing someone from our family. It was Cassie and no had seen her since we entered the Garden like 3 hours before. We all got off searching frantically. She was just walking around taking pictures. She didn't have a watch and spent 3 hours in the grove haha gotta love Cassie.

In front of the house Joseph grew up in. Where the Angel Moroni appeared.

Mallory and I (aka sister missionaries.. doesn't it look like that?)on the Smith Farm overlooking the Sacred Grove.

The Sacred Grove

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