Thursday, February 25, 2010

Finally Getting the point where we are getting closer to get into to the actual game..

The Gang

Waiting and Waiting and Waiting... to get into the BYU vs USU BBall game

Aggie Athletics! haha... well the only thing that is worth watching at all is Men's Basketball.. but of course as Freshman we went to the football games. I suffered through one whole game, the others I usually went for about half. Basketball is pretty cool though except the fact that we say mean cheers. I always feel bad streaming stupid or you suck at the opposing team especially when I come home and my dad tells me that stupid is a "utah state" word haha. I have been to a few basketball games and they are really fun. Last semester we played BYU and waiting outside for hours to get good seats. We enjoyed the game and have been to several this semster.


  1. Your blog is fun. Now all I want is for you to keep posting...on current stuff :)