Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Beautiful Dam ha. oxymoron ?

So All of my soon to be Roommates and I went on an adventure. Thanks to Kaitlyn's wonderful Father. Our first day we started in Moab and we were mountain biking slick rock... why I ever thought me and mountain biking would ever work out.. no one knows :) But I decided to give it a try. I did alright at the beginning and then there was an incident where I flew over the handlebars haha. oops. I knocked the wind out of me pretty good but nothing was broken, I got back on. I almost passed out after riding to the top but it was all good when we took another quick break. By the end we were very much out of water and it was blistering hot!! I was sooo thrilled when I could see the van. I would never had made it back if it wasn't for Brother Brunsdale ha. Thanks for keeping me alive. After the Mountain Bike adventures we decided to jump off a dam to cool ourselves off that was very enjoyable! and that was Day 1

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