Thursday, April 8, 2010

I had a little bit of Chalk in my eyes to say the least. This was quite the weekend. I did this the same day Lance went to Prom. Clair and Lauren came and stayed at my house for a night and then all of us drove up to Spanish Fork for the Festival of Colors. On our way, I managed to miss the exit.. because I am good at stuff like that and so I just got off the exit right after it which is Benjamin.. well it led right to the Krishna Temple and we beat Kaitlyn. haha I told her she took the wrong exit that she should have followed me... shh don't tell her. Anyway we got there and we look soooo white in that picture before we started. We chanted Hare Krishna for a while and threw chalk on people... I don't really understand the celebration at all, but I enjoyed myself :) and we looked cool. It was really fun! I was lucky that I didn't get sick, I guess a few people got some chalk in their lungs and it wasn't very good for them. haha I probably won't ever do it again although I enjoyed it, but I don't ever want chalk plastered in my ears again.

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