Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bad Kidneys!

Well I moved home! YaY! that is good news...the bad news is my first weekend home I ended up in the hospital... lame. My mom took me to the ER because there was something wrong with me (that's usually a good reason to take someone there). But I found out that I had a cyst rupture.. no fun at all.. if that wasn't enough I had a Kidney Infection that decided to get into my blood stream. The doctor told me that my white count was as high as patients with Leukemia..scary. I was on lots of antibiotics and pain pills which I have know successfully finished! Been back to the doctor a few times.. one time he gave me a shot and I haven't been back after that haha.. but I am feeling much better and I think that my life is getting back to normal very soon. Back to work and playing this week! Before my lovely Kidney adventure I went to Havasupai which I mentioned once I get pics from Whit I will update them! they are amazing! Whit and Taylor Kauffman have started a "I hate kidneys" club... I am officially a member.. cool huh? we are going to make T-shirts. I forgot to mention the lovely picture... This is my kidney apparently and the flowers are supposed to me make better? haha. Anyway I have some really great friends! I had so many visitors and I love them all! Thank you all!


  1. I like the new look :). And I'm excited to make t-shirts.

  2. look! you updated your blog! holla! bloggers for life