Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Today we Got up at 6 and drove for seven hours to get to Vermont, where the Prophet was born. We spent three hours driving the canyon it was really pretty! Vermont is sooo green it's unreal! We listened to Praise to the Man as we drove up the hill heading to Joseph Smith's Home. A monument was dedicated December 23, 1905 exactly a hundred years of Joseph's life. The monument is 38 1/2 feet tall symbolizing every year of his life. It weighs 200,000 pounds (40 tons) of solid granite. They got it up there with horses and wagons. On the trip up there was a dip filled with mud (keep in mind this is a really steep hill that they are climbing with this huge monument in 1905) They couldn't get through the mud without getting stuck. One man prayed all night long that they would be able to finish the job and get through the mud hole. The temperature dropped to 30 degrees taht night and ethey were able to drive over the frozen mud. The temperature raised back up a few hours later. Joseph F Smith dedicated the sight and said everyone who came would be able to feel the spirit. Soloman Macks home as well as the Smith's home have rocks as the base of the house. That is all that was left of them.

Isabella Horne once said about the Prophet Joseph, " you would have loved him, if you could have but seen him" I know I have never personally seen Joseph Smith but, I also know I don't need to see him to love him. Through all the palces we have been and the feelings I have felt while being in the places we have visted I have come to know him. President Hincklely said when he was asked a question about the propet, "Well, I have never met Joseph Smith. I have come to know him in some small measure." I feel the same way! And I am so grateful for all of his sacrifices. None of us really know Joseph personally but he came before the second coming for the same reason Noah had to come to save the earth from the flood.

Joseph Smith's Monument

This is my WONDERFUL family. Justin bought balloons so we could have a party in the van! We had a blast together. Brother Tune drove the van and Sister Lisonbee pretended to be our adult adviser for the day :)

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