Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Not only does Boston have a great temple, they have an AMAZING mall! I was in heaven. We went there for lunch and it was so amazing! We spent way more time shopping than actually eating. But we got crepes for lunch, like the ones they make in France. They were pretty good! But they put them on wax paper and by the time we finished eating we discovered we had eaten about half the wax paper along with the crepe haha. I really want to go back to that mall someday in my life.

Becca and I always manage to do this pose at some point when there is a camera.

Today we basically just drove a lot, our destination was Poughkeepsie, New York. It's a great place you should go sometime :) We drove through Massachusetts so we stopped and visited the Boston Temple! It's so beautiful. It was the hundredth temple built. Brother E's daughter and grandchildren met us their and we had a little fireside outside the temple. We took lots of fun pictures I will put the rest on. The grounds here were beautiful.

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