Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I decided no one can go to New York without going to Roxy and getting cheesecake!! Oh man it was so good! Someday my mom and I will go to New York together, I think she is the only one who would appreciate how much I love it :)

We went to Mary Poppins!

After shopping ALL day! we headed over to Time Square for our Broadway Play :)

Oh man! New York really is one of my favorite places and it was soo much fun to go back! I missed it so much and having everything familiar was even more fun! I became the tour guide and we basically shopped all day because most of us had already seen the sights. Food in New York is about as good as the shopping we had fun with that. I walked over to where I stayed when I was with ell, fun memories. We stayed in Macey's and H&M for a while then we took a cab to Canal Street and shopped there. I got everyone in my family sweet presents! There was teh funniest man who gave us good deals because he thought we were "beautiful." So after getting everyone else a present I had no choice but to buy mylsef some stuff :) I found the store Madness that I spent all my money at last time I went New York, I was so stoked! I bought some cute things there again :) Love it!


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