Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The door that was shot through when the martyrdom.

The Jail's walls are like 4 feet thick. The first room they put 10 men in was the upstairs level. They were handcuffed and locked in a cellar. The room was tiny and had no light. The windows were like 2 by 10, tiny. I can't remember the mans name who owned it and lived in the jail, but he lived with his wife and two children. He began to trust the men an felt the goodness of them, He moved them to a more open cellar with bigger windows and less heat. (the room upstairs got to be 120 degrees at times) They stayed down there the majority of the time. They were actually moved after that to a bedroom. Then only being 7 men left, Joseph and Hyrum spent the last night in the bed. The other 5 men insisted, not realizing it was even their last night. The mob came running in around five that evening. They held the door for as long as they could. Bullets were coming through and one hit Hyrum in the face killing him. Joseph ran to him and then to the window where he was shot twice from the inside and twice from teh outside by three different men. John Taylor was also shot in the hip and once from the window at his pocket which made him fall to the ground almost under the bed. Willard Richards unharmed. Everyone else shot and killed. Willard Richards hid John's body in the cellar until the mob fled. Willard and John lived to be witnesses of martyrdom of the prophet and his brother. Plus the three other faithful men of the church. Joseph rode his horse to Carthage willing to give his life to seal with his blood the testimony of the church.

The Statute of Joseph and Hyrum outside Carthage.

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