Sunday, April 25, 2010

My favorite Sister! This weekend Mom took the praxis and Whit officially finished her first year of law school so we celebrated at the Tulip Festival at T Point! It was pretty warm and we got in free because I worked at thanksgiving point... two years ago.. but that's not important :). We ate at the cute little restaurant there and the sweet potato fries reminded me of my grandma Betty. Wish she could have been there with us. The highlight of the festival was sitting on the hill and watching all the little kids run/roll down the big hill. We were very entertained to say the least. Such a good weekend! only five more days in Logan until I move home and then I can celebrate with mom and whit for reals.. I seriously CAN'T WAIT!!!

The artistic picture taken by Whit for Dad.. he loved it.

"Gypsy Princess"... hahaha, The boys call everyon Gypsy's so we had to take a picture to show them the gypsy flowers...

So pretty... the Italian Gardens... too bad it's not really Italy. I want to go back soooo bad!

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  1. Your blog is way cute. I had a blast with you this weekend. I'm definitely coming on Friday to help you move home. I love you!