Monday, September 21, 2009

Bec and I
The Kirtland Temple is owned by the Community of Christ. We watched a movie before we entered the Temple. When the movie ended the curtains opened to a huge window with just a fabulous view of the temple. It was gorgeous. The Temple was originally stuccoed a blue gray color that shimmered because of the China Dishes that were used. The roof was originally red because they dipped the shingles in red paint o weather proof it. There are two floors that are exactly the same. With two sets of pulpits on eachside. A bunch of benches and desks so they could do school in the there as well. The choir eats are in each corner to make it sound like surround sound. It was weird to have a tour guide that wasn't a member because it wasn't like a testimony it was like a state park. But we were able to sing The Spirit of God. God, Elijah, Moses, Elias, Christ and several other angles appeared in this Temple on and before the dedication. It may not be owned by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints but it is The House of The Lord as it is printed on the outside of the Temple (in this pic).

My family in front of the original green door!

The Beautiful Kirtland Temple

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